The most efficient and reliable bi-folding Speedgate systems from HTC Ltd



The most efficient and reliable bi-folding Speedgate systems from HTC Ltd

When designing a parking lot, security is one of the major factors to consider first. It is also the first thing you consider when it comes to your residing premises or your business location. Having a gate that opens manually requires you to hire someone to open it when need be. This is a slow means which could lead to unauthorized people entering your compound. It is also not a very secure means. However, with HTC, we offer a wide variety of bi-folding Speedgate system that will suit your security and parking requirements. We are known to have the most effective bi-folding Speedgate systems.

About the high Tech bi-folding Speedgate system offered by HTC 

HTC is a revered company in the European market that’s renowned for providing the best high-quality Speedgates. For instance, we installed a Xentry 3 Top Driven gate at Regent Street in London and also the Railway Depot in London which is a Xentry STS trackless gate system. It is powder coated and creates a clean and fresh entrance. Here at HTC, we are proud to offer our bi-folding Speedgate system technology. For any project that you have in mind, we are here to provide you with high-quality Speedgates. We also demonstrate to you how the gates operate. All our products are developed in-house hence you are guaranteed to have a product that is manufactured in a high-tech environment.

Our products range from Speedgate Xentry 2, Speedgate Xentry 3 and Speedgate Xentry STS. Our Speedgate Xentry 2 is a dual-motor Speedgate, which has a column drive-unit at the bottom. It also has a guide channel either at the top or bottom. It opens at an approximate speed of 1 meter per second. It is also TUV certified. The qualities that you’re assured when you purchase this Speedgate are style, efficiency and smoothness.

The Speedgate Xentry 3 is robust, driven top or bottom with one motor. It also has a drive unit which incorporates a guide. This type has bi-folding Speedgate system that can be constructed with a burglar or bulletproof design. The estimated speed in which the gate opens is 1.2 meter per second. It is TUV certified and is mostly installed in areas such as commercial car parks, loading bays, and sites that require high security. The qualities to look out are reliability, speed and security. It can be designed as a single product.

The Speedgate Xentry STS is a super trackless Speedgate, which has a solid drive-unit in the top column. It has no guide rail and opens at an estimated speed of 1 meter per second. These gates are mostly used in factory car parks, ports and in the logistics industry. The advantage of having these gates is that you are assured of 24-hour security, and you don’t need any manpower.

HTC Ltd also offers spare parts when ordered. Our engineer’s workshops are mobile and equipped to allow fast repairs. For inquiries, you can contact us through our telephone number +44 19 25 55 27 40. Don’t forget to visit our website for more information:

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