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Obtain qualified and professional Health and Safety training from PJH

Health and safety are crucial factors that surround our lives. We need to be healthy to perform our daily routines properly. However, as we go on with our day-to-day activities, we are prone to accidents all around. Safety is therefore an essential part of our well being. In business, it is a requirement to have your staff trained on health and safety procedures. PJH offers professional training on Health and Safety. We also provide all the available Safety Consultancy North West requires.

About the expert Safety Consultancy North West has to offer

At PJH, we offer Health and Safety training courses that are accredited by CIEH, Qualsafe, and IOSH. In additional to health and safety training, we also offer health and safety consultancy services which are designed to keep you updated on your health and safety obligations. PJH provide on-site Training to the residents of Warrington. Whenever your company requires health and safety training, we are always happy to be of service. We offer you a full range of training courses. You can contact us through our official number: 01925 812095.

Our courses range from: First Aid, Health and Safety, fire safety, food safety, risk assessment and consultancy. We are very much aware of the fact that health and safety can become a nightmare whenever things go wrong. Accidents are usually quite costly. The matter worsens when it boils down to compensations, fines, claims or even imprisonment. This can have a great impact on your organization and may even lead to the business operating under loss. It may also affect the hard-earned relationship between your business and your customers. No one would want this to happen to their business. PJH is now here to your aid. Our Safety Consultancy North West helps your business become and remain compliant with the health and safety legislation. This enables you to continue with your daily activities with no worries.

The main aim of PJH Safety Training Ltd is to offer a professional health and Safety Consultancy North West requires. This will have a positive impact on your business. For instance, there will be reduced accidents, improved staff morale, increased profits, fewer insurance claims, and good relationship with the enforcing authorities. You will also be able to run your business with peace of mind since you will not be worrying about the possibility of accidents occurring. Another advantage is that there will be no bad publicity hence your relationship with your clients will remain intact. There will also be no prosecutions regarding non-compliance with the laws.

If you are looking for a training organization that you can trust to offer the best Safety Consultancy North West has ever had, then PJH is exactly what you’re looking for. Our staff is welcoming and always handles any inquiry that you might have. You can make a difference in your business by using the expertise that we place at your disposal. For more information and advice on First Aid, Health, and Safety consultancy, visit our website at

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