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Get Professional First Aid at work training from IJ Training Limited

Most accidents are unavoidable and when they occur, it’s important to know how to deal with them. In the workplace, it is important to have your staff trained on health and safety matters. It is also a legal requirement for businesses and organizations to have certificates which indicate that all staff has been trained on the issue. It is, therefore, important for you as the manager to ensure that your staff get proper training from a reliable organization that has the professionalism to deliver all your preferred training courses. The company that offers the best First Aid at work training is IJ Training Limited.

About our First Aid at work training

IJ Training Ltd was founded by Ian Jenkin in 2000. He was an Army Air Corp for over12 years. He worked as an ADR Instructor and as an Aircraft Refueller Instructor. He was awarded many accolades within the UK. IJ Training has maintained high standards in providing training. All instructors and staff are ITSSAR qualified. We have a wide variety of instructors who have great experience across a broad spectrum of industries. All the courses that we offer are fully accredited and qualified. We can complete the training on site. This will ensure that your staff will be trained in the environment that they will be working in.

Our Emergency, First Aid at work training courses are offered by qualified First Aid Instructors. It is a three-day course. It is also an inclusive set of practical skills and theoretical knowledge. The training is a necessity which allows the staff to become confident first aiders at their workplaces should any awful situation occur. The Emergency First Aid at work training course provides both the knowledge and ability to deal with first aid emergencies. Our professional instructors will ensure that the course offered meets the required standards to enable your business to meet all the Health and Safety Regulations.

First Aid at work training course is designed for people who see the need to gain our qualified and professional first Aid training. The course covers diverse areas such as: The role of the first aider, managing an emergency, Head injuries, Health and Safety regulations, Low blood sugar, Poisoning and Asthma. It also covers handling incidents such as Fainting, Eye injuries, Stroke, Choking, Burns and scalds, Spinal injuries, unconscious casualty and Seizures.

Candidates are required to pass the final assessments. They are also required to know how to express themselves in English. Afterwards, they receive a First Aid at Work certificate which is valid for three years. Renewal of the certificate is required after that period elapses. One is required to enrol for the First Aid at Work Re qualification course to update their first aid skills. The course covers all the required content in two days. Candidates are required to pass the final assessment after which they are awarded a renewed First Aid at Work certificate. The certificate is varied for three years. You can get more information from our website: www.ijtraining.com.

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